YA Romance Challenge

Fellow readers, librarians, and grad school students; I humbly offer you this Reader's Advisory Challenge. Over the span of 14 days, create book lists (3-6 titles) of niche romance within the YA genre. There are honestly more niche topics than there are days in this challenge, and I'm excited to see what we can come … Continue reading YA Romance Challenge

Escape the Room Program

Sandy and I had fun collaborating on this program proposal for an Escape the Room event to be held at her library in Bay Shore. We delved into the history of the Escape Room phenomenon, and documented how librarians were already incorporating (with much success) Escape Rooms into their teen programming. Establishing a working Timeline … Continue reading Escape the Room Program

It’s Just Me, Myself, and I

You are an army of one, the only teen services librarian in the system. You are an army of one, the only teen services librarian in the system. That strike-through is about the only difference between what I am and what the textbook's scenario is. I am the sole teen librarian for my library, and while … Continue reading It’s Just Me, Myself, and I

Elevator Speeches

Despite the creepiness of International Librarians Network writing an eerily on point example with my name in it, I decided it was probably better to come up with my own answers to differing scenarios. The boss of your library asks you what you’re working on Well, I'm currently planning out the next two months' programs … Continue reading Elevator Speeches

Social Media Reader’s Advisory

For this assignment, I picked Instagram and the mode of delivery for the RA posts for a few reasons. I'm comfortable with it as a medium according to data and school report cards, statistically speaking, Instagram is the app my teen patrons are most likely to use It's a visual and textual media platform that allows … Continue reading Social Media Reader’s Advisory

Annotated List- Let’s Talk About Sex

There is a very real need for information on sex and sexual health for the teens at The Field Library in Peekskill, NY. While New York is working on reforming its sexual education mandates in order to make them more informative and secular, there still remains a gap in the needs of what teens want … Continue reading Annotated List- Let’s Talk About Sex

Digital Spaces for Teens

I evaluated the White Plains Library teen site and found that the site, apart from being aesthetically pleasing with its minimalist design, also contained pertinent information that directly related to many teen needs all on one page. The menu was nice to navigate to specific pages about topics that would have higher visiting rates, but they … Continue reading Digital Spaces for Teens

Stranger Danger: Indirectly Divisive Rhetoric and Timid Child Rearing

In Dana Boyd's talk about her book It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens, she brings up insightful key points about the evolution of teen policing laws and attitudes in conjunction with the evolution and access to information. The ongoing concept of "stranger danger" as a hindrance to teens, especially creating a stunted social circle, … Continue reading Stranger Danger: Indirectly Divisive Rhetoric and Timid Child Rearing

The First Question

"You are only comfortable working with teens who are similar to you... Do you find it difficult to work with teens that aren't like you?"  One of the best parts of being a youth librarian is serving a diverse community of teenagers. Whether that be through collection development, reference services, or programming, each librarian gets to … Continue reading The First Question